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The chlorine levels are just lower, which makes the water more comfortable for swimmers.Our primary focus is the experience our customers will enjoy swimming in a fresh water pool.

A chlorine generator converts dissolved salt (NaCl) to the optimal amount of chlorine via electrolysis.Salt Water Pool Generator System Saltwater Generater Water Kit for Swimming Pool.

Should I Get a Salt Water Generator for My Pool?

Salt Water Pool Ordinance Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.Conversion to SWG on an intex is probably the easiest one there is.

In actuality, saltwater pools use a generator to convert salt into chlorine, which is necessary for sanitation.

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The shift to salt water pools has been happening for the past decade.

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The Aqua Rite works by converting a small amount of salt (around one tablespoon per gallon) into a virtually endless supply of fresh, pure chlorine.I think I may want to convert my chlorine pool to salt water.

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Salt Water Conversion Salt chlorine generator systems sanitize swimming pools by converting salt into chlorine, which kills pathogens and bacteria before returning to its former state, salt.

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Compare Saltwater vs Chlorine Pool Cost

In the end, deciding between a salt pool system and a chlorine pool system means doing some homework first.Pool owners in the 21 st century are converting to salt water pools because of the low maintenance and high water quality.

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AquaPro offers salt water pool conversions in Peachtree City, GA and recommends it to their clients in place of harsh pool chemicals such as chlorine.Services Contact Blog Schedule (480) 266-3468 Back Weekly Pool Cleaning Pool Filter Cleaning Pool Repair Pool Acid Wash Chlorine Bath Dedicated Suction Line Drain and Fill Pool Service Green to Clean Pool Service.You will need to partially drain the water from the pool, so when fresh water it will reduce the cyanuric acid levels.There are so many opinions when it comes to salt water pool systems versus chlorine pool treatment.If you view the diagram above you will see that a salt water pool is a cycle of taking salt water from the pool via the pump, passing it through a chlorine generator, this device splits the salt in to sodium and chlorine and puts it back into the pool so that it can sanitize the pool.

Dump the required amount of salt into the pool, unscrew a fitting and insert the SWG between the two ends.

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Salt water swimming pools are costly chlorine generators

Although this may not sound like a lot, over 50% of the new pools that were installed last year in the United States included a salt generator.

Perform this procedure as often as needed, or at least once every six months.Pool owners have many positive and negative aspects they should consider before they convert their pools to salt systems.A saltwater pool sounds like something that would require more money and time to maintain, but it would be well worth it.

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But as you might expect, there are certain downsides as well.

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